The infalli'bull' approach to health and fitness


If you're looking for a total health and fitness workout program that: 

  • is minimalist, easy to follow yet super effective and time saving so it can fit into your busy lifestyle 

  • designed to eliminate any excuses and obstacles like extreme discipline or diets that could get in the way of your long term success

  • can help you overcome any initial lack of discipline required to create new healthy habits and achieve your fitness goals

  • makes it easy for you to stay motivated and ensure your continued growth and long term success

  • will restore your faith in your ability to gain or regain strength and muscularity at any age

  • makes you feel amazing inside and out whilst dramatically increasing your self confidence

  • gives you unlimited lifetime phone and e-mail support to ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals

  • includes the option of booking private one on one training sessions via Skype or in person (Manchester area only)

  • makes it easy for you to maintain your vibrant health and dream body for life once your goals have been achieved

  • produces fast results whilst being thoroughly enjoy'bull' and sustaina'bull' for life

  • consists of only one full body workout per week 

  • feels comfortable and natural without putting any strain on your muscles or joints

  • helps you build a strong and well defined muscular physique in the easiest manner and shortest amount of time possible

  • does not require memorising different resistance loads for each exercise

  • is highly customisable so it can be tailored to your own needs and personal preferences

  • focuses on the totality of being i.e. mind body spirit as opposed to just outer appearance

  • does not revolve around gyms, lifting weights or using fancy machines

  • does not rely on cardio, running, jumping and so on

  • produces a nice, pleasant post workout muscle soreness

  • gives you the flexibility and freedom to exercise anywhere

  • can also be used as a secondary or emergency workout routine when there is no gym available or you're on holiday etc.

  • will never lead to injury or time off training as a result of injury

then my Buffalone Fitness program might just be your ticket. Please e-mail any questions you might have to and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

In the meantime, watch and try the following sample exercises by clicking on the respective letter codes.

Lats, middle and lower back pushdowns with Bullworker (C2)

Lats, middle and lower back pushdowns with resistance band (C2b)

Enjoy and have a great day!

Diego (the Spanish Bullworker)

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