• Are you looking for a minimalist fitness routine that is super effective, time saving and flexible at the same time?

  • Have you tried a fitness method or used some fitness equipment without success in the past?

  • Don't like gyms and would prefer an alternative fitness solution that is portable and sustainable for life?

  • Are you overwhelmed by the number of YouTube fitness channels and expert information out there in general? 

  • Do you find it hard to stay motivated or stick to a fitness routine or nutrition plan?

  • Do you lack the discipline to follow your fitness goals through to completion?

  • If you answered yes to of any the above questions, my Buffalone Fitness approach and routine might very well be the answer to your prayers, as it eliminates all obstacles and is suitable for most people.

  • Minimal, super effective training approach that eliminates all excuses, boredom, repetition, workout obsession and vanity, strict diets etc. to ensure fast and natural results for life

  • One if not the most powerful, enjoyabull, portabull, customisabull, sustainabull and affordabull fitness programs anywhere

  • One 60 to 90 minute full body workout every 5 to 7 days is all you need for outstanding results

  • Includes powerful versions of Bullgarian squats, lunges, chest dips, bicep curls, military press, tricep extension, barbell upright rows as well as other unique exercises you will not find anywhere else

  • No need for expensive gym membership, fancy and bulky gym machines, latest sportswear, big egos, cumbersome dumbbells, memorising resistance loads, repeating sets, steroids, supplements, etc.

  • The only piece of equipment required is a Bullworker (X5 model ideally) that you can get very cheap second hand on ebay (from £30 upwards) and will last you a lifetime, or a resistance band which comes out even cheaper (£10 upwards)

  • The £50 Buffalone Fitness life membership fee (which includes lifetime phone support) plus the price of a second hand Bullworker or new resistance band will give you all the tools and routines you will ever need to build and maintain your dream body

  • Workout no 1 is probably the most popular and the only one you will ever need, but I give you the choice of 28 workouts, ranging from short 20 to 30 to longer 45 to 90 minutes ones, from split to full body routines. Even includes a toilet workout to be done  gradually over the course of the day after each bathroom visit for those of you who insist you 'really' can't find the time 

  • Strengthen and elongate your muscle fibres while increasing your flexibility by keeping constant tension on the muscles during both concentric and eccentric portions of the movement

  • Develop strength, flexibility and health down to your tendons, ligaments and bones

  • Super short rest periods between sets will increase your endurance and stamina thereby improving your cardiovascular health

  • Can be used as your main workout or as a secondary one to spice up your current fitness routine

  • Option of hiring me as your personal coach in the convenience of your home (Manchester area only) until you are comfortable with the exercises and are happy to continue on your own

  • No need to subscribe to newsletters or YouTube Channels, give out your e-mail address or follow experts

  • Let me emphasize that this is not a lazy approach to health and fitness; quite the opposite. In fact, I recommend you do at least two minutes of rope skipping every morning as well as one stretching session per week, if you're not the health conscious type already. As you gradually become fitter, you will naturally start incorporating other activities into your daily life anyway, but more on this later. In the meantime, keep an open mind and let me be your guide on your journey to achieving the results of your dreams. Let me show you how to become buffalone and invinci'bull', inside and out, so you can stand out from the crowd! Watch and try the sample exercise in the video above and let me know what you think. If you have any questions at this stage, just send me an e-mail and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Let me be your guide and show you the 'easy' way to health and fitness for life. Please watch the introductory video above for more info and e-mail me any questions.


  • Diego,

  • Buffalone Fitness

  • The infalli'bull' approach to health and fitness

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