Let me show you how easy it is to develop a great physique and maintain true health and fitness at any age by doing only one to two short home Buffalone Fitness workouts per week with either a Bullworker (unique exercises!) or resistance bands while following a minimalist, enjoyable approach to training and diet that is sustainable for life...all in the comfort of your own home!

1 on 1 coaching sessions can be done at your address (Manchester area only) or via Skype when necessary for 20.00/GBP per hour. Book your FREE no obligation taster session by phoning (0044)7722150914 or e-mailing buffalonefitness@gmail.com today!




Please note that you need to own an inexpensive Bullworker or set of resistance bands with carabiner and door loop for Skype sessions.

Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships, aerobics, supplements, love handles and lack of confidence!


I can help you transform your life!


For general enquiries or anything else, please e-mail buffalonefitness@gmail.com and I will get back to you within 48 hours. I respect your privacy and will never send you spam or mail of any kind except direct replies. 

Speak soon,

Diego (the Spanish Bullworker)

The infalli'bull' approach to health and fitness
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